Shane Wilson

Waterfront Real Estate Expert “Team Leader”

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Born and Raised in the Florida Keys

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson was born and raised in the Florida Keys. His family lived in Buttonwood Bay in Key Largo, where he attended Key Largo Elementary School. When Shane’s family moved further south to Plantation Key, he attended Plantation Key Elementary School and then Coral Shores High School. He graduated in 1986. Although he moved away to go to college, his roots remained in the Keys.

3rd Generation Real Estate Broker

Shane is a 3rd generation Real Estate Broker. His grandparents were developers and Realtors in the Keys. His mother, father, and uncle were also successful Real Estate Brokers in the Keys. Shane’s father was a very successful building contractor as well, building luxury homes from Ocean Reef down to Marathon.


Earned the Name “Waterfront”

Shane always has had a passion for water. It was only natural that Shane became Shane “Waterfront” Wilson. Everywhere Shane goes people know him as “Waterfront.” He was raised on the water his entire life. Shane was boating long before he got his driver’s license, it was his means of transportation. He and his buddies got around by boat. When they wanted to head north to Key Largo, they took the boat. If they wanted to head down to Islamorada or farther south to Lower Matecumbe Key, they took the boat. Shane knows every channel, wheel cut, nook, and cranny when it comes to the Florida Keys waterways. He’s familiar with every canal, boat basin, creek, and marina from Key Largo down towards Marathon and Key West. For over 40 years, Shane boated, fished, dove, snorkeled, spear fished and navigated the Florida Keys water – yes, 40+ years!

Demonstrated His Unstoppable Determination

Shane remembers back when his mother and father bought him his first boat, he was 7 years old. It was a 10 ft. Skiff with a 9.9 Johnson motor. He wasn’t strong enough to pull start it without his Dad’s help. Shane’s Dad told him, “Shane, the day you are strong enough to pull start your boat, you can take it out by yourself.” Shane being a skinny little kid back then thought and thought how he could get strong enough to pull start that boat motor. One day Shane came home from school and said “Dad, can you please buy me some oars for my boat. I’m going to come home every day after school and row my boat and build my muscles so I will be able to pull start my motor.” Well, with Shane’s unstoppable determination after about two months of rowing his boat for hours every day after school and on the weekends, he was ready for the boat motor starting test. Needless to say, Shane cranked that motor over with one pull! The rest is history…

Shares His Experience of the Beautiful Waterfront Lifestyle

Shane knows the back Florida Bay all the way out to Flamingo and beyond to Cape Sable, Lake Ingrim, Shark River and as far north as Charlotte Harbour, and all the way down to Key West, Dry Tortugas. He can tell you the best reefs to dive on the Atlantic Ocean side, and the best lighthouses to dive and snorkel to see the most beautiful reefs you have ever seen. Shane will share with you the best patch reefs to go spear fishing. He knows all the restaurants and bars you can get to by boat. Shane has done it all. His knowledge reflects the waterfront lifestyle that Shane has lived his entire life!

Blends His Passions – The Waterfront Lifestyle and Real Estate

When Shane united his passion for the waterfront lifestyle with his passion for real estate, it was an unstoppable marriage. The mentors and peers that he always looked up to said: “Shane no matter what you do in life, make sure you do what you love and have a passion for. “ He followed the advice of his mentors and peers. Shane “Waterfront” Wilson, is doing what he loves – helping people from around the country and the world to live the amazing waterfront lifestyle in the Florida Keys that so many people long for. The blend of Shane’s 40+ years of waterfront knowledge in the Florida Keys with Shane’s 27 plus years of real estate knowledge draws people to Shane for their Florida Keys real estate needs.

Continues to Expand His Real Estate Knowledge

Anyone can get a real estate license, but it is what they do with it that is important. Have you heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power”? Shane wanted to represent his customers as best that he could. He spent years and years, as well as tens of thousands of dollars attending continuing education classes, taking courses such as the GRI – Graduate Realtor Institute, CRS – Certified Residential Specialist, ABR – Accredited Buyer Agent, and RMM – Residential Marketing Master. Shane is Premier Service Certified. He is a graduate of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, which he is now a Member of and has earned his Million Dollar Guild. These are not just classes that anyone can take. You must have a certain sales volume and have sold and closed a certain amount of properties.

Satisfies the Real Estate Needs of Both Sellers and Buyers

Hundreds and hundreds of sellers and buyers have been guided by Shane to sell their homes successfully and buy their dream homes, second homes, and vacation homes. Shane has hundreds of testimonials from his satisfied clients. What does this mean for you? Premier Service, a Skilled Negotiator, an Expert Facilitator, Local Market Insight, and Most of All – Experience, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

When you do something long enough, as Shane has, you become very good at it. It is just like a sixth sense, and it just comes naturally!